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International Dating should be as fun and easy as texting your best friend, and now it is! Quit browsing old, dated touched-up photos, and really get to know her, browse her "Dailys" updates and really talk to her.

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So Much More

Chinglish X Logo Chinglish X is so much more than a dating website.

Dating websites are boring - Profiles are dated and old - Our members post comments and selfies on our "Daily's". Always something new to see

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Don't speak the same language? No problem. Just write in Mandarin or English, and your messages will be translated to the other person's language seamlessly (AND FREE).

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Safety First

The default settings in our app only allows members with verified identities to contact you.

You will know who you're chatting with

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No Scams

Face it. Most Asian-Western dating sites are scams themselves, filled with fake profiles and expensive services.

There are NO scam services on this website, and we use the latest technologies to identify scammers and remove them

Save Money

Pay for what you need. We don't force you to buy long-term memberships

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Beautiful Asian women

There's a beautiful Asian woman waiting for you!

Whether you are looking for Friends-First or wanting to get married as soon as you find the right woman, you can find her here, check her "Dailys", and get to know her.

Maybe you just want a friend in another country? She's here too. Or do you just want to find someone close to you that you've never met? Easy to find her here.